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Here is the final newsletter of ELEx 360° project.
It’s been an intense and inspiring two years. The ELEx 360° project has laid the foundations for a more entrepreneurial and enterprising future for young people in partner countries. Now, it’s time to present final steps and to reflect on the significant progress we’ve made together


Multiplier events across partners regions

Multiplier events have been the occasions to present the ELEX educational results at territorial level, to watch inspirational video together with participants and to talk regarding their ideas of business and fears and challenges.
During MEs, the concept of youth entrepreneurship was discussed with young people, mostly students, and with experts, consultants and academic supervisors. The MEs were an opportunity to analyze the youth entrepreneurial context in partner regions, to talk about the new professions and employment prospects and to learn more about local public support measures for business creation.
Youngsters had space to express their view on the needs analysis of the entrepreneurial skills frameworks and they emphasized the need for skills development especially regarding Spotting opportunities and Financial-Legal Knowledge.
In the framework of MEs, resources developed in ELEX project were recognized as meaningful to increase the skills/competencies most important for young people to start their own business such as motivation, marketing, digital skills and management.

Local participants’ profiles were diverse: young and adult entrepreneurs, unemployed, university students, as well as members from public bodies, youth workers and professionals who support young entrepreneurship and work in the labour insertion field, offering opportunities especially for youth with less opportunities.
All the events included a comprehensive presentation of finalized and upcoming project results and participative activities to promote the project results exploitation and networking in the field of entrepreneurship among the participants.
The project materials were well-received by the attendees: young people expressed their interest in using ELEX360 e-learning materials, while professionals were interested in knowing more about the ELEX360 research and highlighted their commitment in putting ELEX360 guidelines for youth workers into practice in their daily activities with youth with fewer opportunities.

The multiplier event organized by Fundación Sorapán de Rieros took place in Badajoz on 14th of July, 2023. The event was hosted at Fundecyt- PCTEX (Extremadura’s Scientific and Technological Park), the main hub for innovation, research and entrepreneurship of the region. It counted 24 local participants and the attendance of youngsters and youth workers who were taking part in the ELEX360 youth exchange, implemented in Badajoz in the same week.

For the Greek Multiplier Event of ELEX360, Mosaic collaborated with the Metropolitan College of Patras to guarantee the direct access of many young people from Business and Tourism Schools to the online entrepreneurial course of ELEX, multiplying thus the educational impact of the project. At least 35 college students, aspiring young entrepreneurs and around 5 youth educators participated in the half-day event and learnt more about the educational results of ELEX360.

The Italian Elex ME was held in Molfetta on January 16th, 2024. 57 participants, most of them aged 18 to 25 years old, and approximately 10 speakers were involved to provide them information about ELEX project outcomes and entrepreneurial approach. In addition to the representatives of organizing partners Tecnopolis PST and InCO, the event panel included representatives of the regional agency “Puglia Sviluppo”, ARTI – Agency for Technology and Innovation of Apulia, University of Bari – job placement office, Municipality of Molfetta and Municipality of Bari. Young participants also had the chance to meet young entrepreneurs from Puglia talking about their successful and inspiring experiences in the fields of fashion design, marketing and branding and health.

On 15th February, SMART UP was held its first multiplier event in the Center of Entrepreneurship in Zaragoza (Spain) with 15 participants that are trained under experimental training entrepreneurship programme to start a business, funded by the Government of Aragon and the Employment Institute.
On 19th February, the second multiplier event was held by SMART UP in the CPEPA school center, belonging to the City Council of Zaragoza, with 16 participants aged 17 years till 28 years old.

After presenting the ELEX educational results and watching one inspirational video, and talking regarding their ideas of business and fears and challenges; we have discussed with them two questions as future entrepreneurs.
From your experience, which of the skills/competencies are the most important for young people to start their own business? Most of them have indicated Motivation and management.

As they are developing a Training/Capacity Skills for young entrepreneurs, What 3 competencies would you definitely try to improve? They agreed in Marketing and digital skills.
Both trainer and participants are wiling to use the resources developed in ELEX project.
From SMART UP we wish them successful business.

PR4: Inspiring series of video-stories featuring local young entrepreneurs

A series of video-stories featuring local young entrepreneurs were recorded in past months in the partnership territories.
These remarkable individuals from Italy, Greece, and Spain share their entrepreneurial journeys, projects, and experiences, addressing common questions about business launching and development.
Captivating video-stories providing valuable insights and practical advice for aspiring entrepreneurs are available online on ELEX360° project website and YouTube official channel:

Best practices at local level
Following participation in the youth exchange in Badajoz in July 2023, 2 young Italians (Riccardo Lepiscopia and Valeria Leone) have recently launched their own start up: Weeko ( an e-commerce platform that markets sustainable, ecological and plastic-free products for home cleaning.
The start-up of new businesses was one of the objectives set by the project and the youth exchange activity, focused on the theme of self-entrepreneurship, proved effective in creating a space for sharing and exchanging ideas and in providing the necessary tools to encourage young people to start your own business idea.


ELEx 360° Entrepreneurial Learning Experience’, aimed to provide a comprehensive and innovative educational experience focused on promoting youth entrepreneurship through a practical approach.
Looking back, we can proudly say that we have laid the foundations for a stronger and more promising entrepreneurial future for young people in our partner countries.
In 2 years of implementation, project partners have identified the necessary foundations to support young people on their journey towards entrepreneurship through 360° research on key entrepreneurial skills and best training practices. Involving expert youth workers and young people, we developed innovative guidelines and blended methodologies, enriched with digital tools, to facilitate the entrepreneurial journey.
Highlights of the project were certainly our self-entrepreneurship workshops, gathering more than 30 local youngsters. With the valuable support of an expert, we had fun and worked with practical exercises based on developing a business idea using a learning-by-doing approach. And also, our youth exchange, which involved young people from Spain, Greece and Italy. We inspired young participants to explore their passions and turn them into entrepreneurial projects through engaging non-formal activities on youth entrepreneurship.
We also developed our hands-on e-learning course on entrepreneurship, tailored to the needs of young people and youth workers. It gives them the foundations and tools they need to embark on their entrepreneurial journey with confidence and determination.
We thank everyone who has contributed to the success of ELEx 360° beyond project parnters: experts, youth workers and, most importantly, the young participants who have been a source of inspiration and motivation for our work.
The future is in the hands of the young entrepreneurs. We are confident that with the right support and opportunities, they can realise their entrepreneurial dreams and contribute to the growth and well-being of their communities.
Thank you for joining us on this exciting entrepreneurial journey.

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