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Youth Exchange in Badajoz

The Youth Exchange involved 22 youngsters (aged 18 to 28) and 5 group leaders from Italy, Spain and Greece and was organized in July 2023 by Fundación Sorapán de Rieros in the venue of Residencia Universitaria de Fundación CB, RUCAB.

According to feedback questionnaire results and participants opinions, the experience has been very successful. Participants in the Youth Exchange particularly appreciated the chance to join practical and dynamic activities planned in order to getting them to know each other and getting them familiar with the concept of entrepreneurship and possibility to translate hobbies, interests, passion into new business opportunities.

Coordinators presented entrepreneurial role models, success stories, inspiring ideas and fostered entrepreneurial skills such as creativity, motivation and self-awareness, communication skills, vision, working with others, learning by experience, design thinking, etc.

Also, a field visit to Fundecyt-PCTEX (Extremadura´s scientific and technological park) was organized as well as a seminar with local entities and stakeholders.

PR4: Entrepreneurial online course

The partnership finalized the 360° e- entrepreneurial learning course: it is an entrepreneurial online course developed based on the thorough research of needs, existing and innovative practices, created with the participation of and, for young people and youth workers.

The e-course is taking a 360° view on young entrepreneurs to-be and their actual needs as identified in the Research on Key entrepreneurial competences and the best entrepreneurial training practices.

The course is available for free in multiple languages (English, Italian, Spanish and Greek) on the dedicated platform To discover or reinforce your entrepreneurial behaviour just register and enrol to the e-course.


MODULE 1 How to start a business and find inspiration for its development

MODULE 2: Digital Skills and  New Technology Tools  for young Entrepreneurs

MODULE 3: How to find public funding or any other type financial support to groww your business

MODULE 4: How to promote and grow the marketing

MODULE 5: How to manage and get support for admin & legal requirements’ fulfillment

Transnational partner meeting n.4

The last ELEX partnership meeting was held in the picturesque town of Javea (Spain) on December, 4th and 5th. It was filled with enthusiasm and determination as partners’ organizations gear up for the final stage: Entrepreneurial Conferences that promise to empower the next generation of innovators.


A series of video-stories featuring local young entrepreneurs were recorded in past weeks in the partnership territories.

They answered some of the most common questions and doubts youngsters have about business launching and development and shared their inspiring experiences.

Videos will be soon available online to encourage young people to follow their entrepreneurial dreams building on concrete suggestions and practices.

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